Surveillance is an art form, not a science. Our team of experienced investigators will work with you to identify subject patterns. We have many years experience investigating infidelity, corporate fraud, worker’s comp fraud, collusion/conspiracy, etc.

A detailed intake sheet draws together information above and beyond the industry standard: information such as doctor appointments, therapy appointments, marital status, number of children, hobbies, etc. This allows for a clearer picture of the subject’s routine and helps us avoid re-inventing the wheel out in the field. This information, together with a search of public and proprietary databases, will save you time and allow us to provide you a more cost-effective investigation. 

Surveillance service

Often a pre-surveillance check by our investigator is required the day before. 

This allows the investigator to observe the correct address in daylight hours, observe what vehicles are present, locate a suitable area to set up and park, look for potential problems, understand visible angles, etc., and scout ahead for likely exits. It’s the first step in a more successful surveillance.

Remember, it’s usually better to lose someone rather than be burned, so the surveillance can be continued without any tip offs, to the subject. Moving surveillance is best performed with two vehicles. We will do our best to perform the job cost effectively, however if only one investigator/vehicle is used, then timely video is less likely. 

The more we know in advance the better the results will be. 

Video files are sent to the client, where possible, usually via a cloud file transfer mechanism such as a dropbox. 

Contact us for more details and how we will work together to obtain the information you need.

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