Security Is An Issue

Security is an issue, Its always and issue, especially in this day, and age. It doesn’t matter if you are in Los Angeles, or Orange County; Marina del Rey, or Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, or Huntington Beach, Manhattan Beach, or Newport Beach, security will always be an issue.

Whether is physical security of a facility, body guard for personal security, cyber security, retail point of sale, or border security, we all need to be aware of our surroundings.

Credit card theft, ID theft, pick pockets, office security, apartment security, are all at the top of everyone’s list.

Password security is important as any of the rest.

We are constantly asked to provide a password, which can seem inconvenient, but, it is actually for our own protection. We have car alarms, home alarm/security systems, door bells, and cameras, etc., all controlled through computers.

The days when our kids can walk all over town, and to school, many blocks or even miles away, are gone.

Bars, banks, and retail stores all have security guards. We live in gated communities, with guards throughout.

Hacking is everywhere, our PC’s, our government information systems, banks, military, etc.

The next World War will most definitely be fought (and maybe already is) via cyberspace. The battle is over space dominance, and satellites. It’s the new “normal”.

Stealth technology is the new frontier in warfare, and its being stolen by bad actor nations.

Car alarms can be hacked. New generation systems for automobiles are being created with lasers, etc., to stay ahead of the hackers, and car thieves.

We all need to be aware of these technologies, and how they can help us feel more secure, although it seems inconvenient.

Ken Macdonell Investigations is staying on the leading edge of these technologies and issues, and will continue to, in the interests of protecting and serving our clients.

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