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Our Orange County Private Investigator firm serves clientele in all areas of Orange County, and the surrounding areas, including, but not limited to: The Beach Cities (Costa Mesa/Newport Beach/Huntington Beach, Central Orange County (Fountain Valley/Garden Grove/Santa Ana/Anaheim), North Orange County (including Cypress/Seal Beach), and South Orange County (including Irvine, Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach/Nigel), down to San Diego.

Our law firm clients include, Personal Injury, Family Law, Business Litigation, Construction Defect, Intellectual Property, and Civil Rights, etc.

Our private clientele includes attorneys, doctors, small business owners, Hollywood celebrities, investment firms, and corporate executives.

Our staff includes, former law enforcement (Orange County Sheriffs), technicians, and male/female, as appropriate, and bilingual for the situation.

Our Orange County private investigation firm is one of a kind.  Our team at Ken Macdonell Investigations strives to find the perfect blend of classic techniques with new concepts and resources to build the ultimate solution to your case. Areas of coverage (but, not limited to…) include polygraph, fingerprint analysis, electronic sweep, computer forensics, stationary and moving surveillance, full DMV access, locate: hidden assets, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security Numbers (where appropriate).

We will help you stay current on the latest issues facing businesses and individuals. We cover computer software and hardware, security, both physical and cyber. We stay on top of these topics and provide monthly updates, including new areas and trends in areas of litigation, and how to prepare for them.

Intellectual Property theft, cyber security protection and liability, and Biometrics, personal security and physical area security, are some of our recent topics.

We can locate assets, witnesses (and interview where appropriate), and collect evidence as needed for your case resolution. All cases are completely confidential.

With over 40 years of service to Southern California, Ken Macdonell Investigations, continues to be the leader in quality, delivery and cost-effectiveness. Many of clients have been with us for over 30 years.

Orange County Private Investigations for Businesses and Business Owners

Private investigators have a lot to offer professional businesses though these businesses may not realize all the ways investigators can be used. Once business owners get past the myths and stereotypes of our profession, they can obtain useful information that benefits their business. Here are some of the ways private investigators can serve businesses.

Detailed Background Checks

One of the biggest ways an Orange County Private Investigator can help a business is by conducting extensive background checks. These pre-employment and yearly required background checks can be for civil, criminal, bankruptcy, credit reports, and driver’s records. The kinds of background checks required of a business depends on the state. Many business agencies rely on cheap searches they find online, but private investigators are much more accurate and thorough. For example,, one of these online websites, recently got in trouble for recommending unsuitable people who somehow passed through their screenings. Meanwhile, an investigator found what they missed within five minutes.

Background checks can also extend beyond employment. When a business is planning a merger or acquisition, it’s a good idea to conduct a detailed background check on the other company, its owners, and partners via criminal, civil, property, Dunn and Bradstreet (commercial credit) reports, and more.

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Security Sweeps

Another big advantage that Orange County Private Investigators offer businesses are security sweeps. An investigator can evaluate the secureness of a building for employee safety. A colleague of mine provided an evaluation like this to a business and they were shocked at what their in-house staff missed. PIs can also recommend spot checks to make sure doors are locked during the work day and intruder drills to test how the staff reacts to potentially dangerous situations. Just make sure you clue in law enforcement if you are doing some of these drills yourself.

Employment Monitoring

In recent years, the practice of employee monitoring is an increasingly popular way for private investigators to serve businesses. There are many jobs on the market that enable employees to work for two employers at the same time even though this may be a breach of contract. Following employees to make sure they are sticking to their route and not poaching clients for their own gain can save businesses and their clients thousands of dollars.

Termination Services

For many businesses, private investigators are useful for termination services. An investigator’s presence during an employee firing and their ability to escort the employee off the property can put the employer at ease during the difficult process. Investigators are an unbiased third party, not part of the company, and are often more effective than in-house security. They can even take this service a step farther by taking the terminated employee home if they have a company car and securing company information, such as products, computers, and marketing, from their home.


One of the most obvious benefits of a PI is their skill with surveillance. There are many situations in which a business might need someone followed for professional reasons. Watching injured employees, employees on long-term absence, or current employees to make sure they are doing their job is something investigators are trained to do. Private investigators will not only uncover lazy employees that don’t work when they should, but they will also uncover any scams or double-dealing which will save business clients money in the long run.

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Collections done via the fair credit report act rules and GLBA guidelines is another good way private investigators can serve businesses. When creditors are looking recover some or all of the assets that are rightfully theirs, a trained private investigator can legally collect what is owed from deadbeat debtors. They do this via skip tracing, which enables them to find debtors, and asset checks, to see what assets need to be settled and how. Keep in mind that an investigator’s work must be FCRA and GLBA complaint.

Location Services

An important service that private investigators offer to businesses is location services. Experienced investigators can locate witnesses for court cases, locate experts in various professions, and can even potentially find missing clients and employees.

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Secret Shopping

Though they can technically be done by anyone, the results of secret shopping will hold up better in court if done by a professional private investigator. They are able to call or visit the employees at a certain business to make sure they are providing the best customer service. Having conducted such investigations before, they will know what to look for when testing employees and how to act so as to not to reveal their observation.

A Variety of Uses

There are many different aspects involved in running a business effectively. Private investigators can help businesses in a variety of ways and will ultimately save their clients money and hardship by conducting any necessary investigations quickly and effectively.

Don’t hesitate to call if we can answer any questions.

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