Face recognition is everywhere - almost

Face recognition software can be an effective tool for law enforcement. Criminals and terrorists can be identified in crowds at events where they may likely exercise their craft. Taylor Swift uses it identify stalkers in her audience.

There are privacy issues though, and people can be misidentified. The success/accuracy rate isn’t 100%. Democracy will sort it out. Too much government regulation, won’t be effective in the long run. The free market will sort it out.

Traffic light cameras became very popular for municipal income revenue streams. There was push back from citizens, and their privacy rights. An equilibrium seems to have been reached, with government proving that there are safety issues being addressed, with this technology.

Our privacy rights have been diminished, but, technological advancements are inevitable. The less regulation generally the better. The internet has proven to be so useful, because of less regulation. The free market has thrived, and we have all benefited at some level.

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Ken Macdonell Investigations is staying on the leading edge of these technologies and issues, and we will continue to be on the cutting edge of these technologies, to protect and serve our clients.

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