DMV records can be used for background checks, including, employment. They can also be used in accident investigations, or personal injury cases.

Driving records, can indicate criminal and civil records.

Many companies use Ken Macdonell Investigations, a Marina Del Rey Private investigator for new employment investigations, and use DMV data to complete the new hire process. Companies that require safe driving as part of the employment rely on Ken Macdonell  investigations, and the accurate and timely data, they provide.

In California, DMV data is not easily obtained, because of privacy issues. Only approved private investigators can access this data. It is not a standard part of a employment background check.

Ken Macdonell Investigations, a Marina Del Rey Private investigator, has handles investigations in Orange County and Los Angeles County, including Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Glendale, Pasadena, Orange, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, or Hollywood, to name a few.

Ken Macdonell Investigations, a Marina Del Rey Private investigator is staying on the leading edge of these technologies and issues, and we will continue to be on the cutting edge of these technologies, to protect and serve our clients.

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