Be Aware Of Your Privacy

Your privacy is constantly being violated. Facebook is the latest, perpetrator. They are paying a fine of $ 3 B – $ 5B, to the FTC, for not protecting your data. Why they aren’t paying us directly is still unclear.

We are the product, in the case of social media. We all thought we were the customer, getting access for free. But, what really happened is we gave up our privacy for free. Did you know? Neither did I.

Your privacy is being violated virtually. This is the digital age. It doesn’t matter if you are in Orange or West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, or Huntington Beach, Hollywood, or Anaheim, your privacy is at stake.

Anything on the internet, is potentially a permanent digital record of you. Any photo you post, could be there forever. If it was private, it isn’t anymore. Be aware you are leaving a permanent digital record.

We now offer full social media searches. They can be for corporate background checks, or we can be hired privately to “clean” up your digital footprint.

Ken Macdonell Investigations is staying on the leading edge of these technologies and issues, and we will continue to be on the cutting edge of these technologies, to protect and serve our clients.

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