Background Checks

Background checks can be useful, in many ways. Background Checks can be used for pre-employment, adding new business partners, civil litigation, criminal litigation, witness interviews, etc.

You can determine criminal history, employment history, civil litigation history, addresses, locations of family, and associates, and neighbors, etc.

Any person to person or business relationship can be aided with a background check.

Businesses use background checks for hiring employees, and, also for engaging new business partners.

Government entities use background checks for employment hiring, as well. Police activity reports can be obtained for specific addresses and individuals, to determine general behavior that may not have resulted in an arrest.

Social media background checks can also be obtained. Many people leave a digital footprint, that they don’t realize even exists. Social media searches and analytics can be used for employment hiring, to determine if there is abusive social activity occurring. Excessive drug or alcohol abuse can be quickly observed.

It doesn’t matter if you are in Los Angeles, or Orange County, Beverly Hills, or Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, or Huntington Beach, Hollywood, or Anaheim, your background can be quickly located.

Ken Macdonell Investigations specializes in background checks, and we can go to many levels to retrieve the information you need for your case, or situation.

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